Woodland Paving provide a Driveway and Patio repair/restoration service in south west Essex.


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Repair to Driveway, Patio or Pathway.

Does your driveway paving let your house down? Is your drive in need of repair? Is your patio sinking? Does it have loose edgings, uneven levels, puddles and has your manhole cover sunk? These are all common faults when your driveway or patio has not been constructed to the correct specifications. No matter how bad your driveway or patio may look, we can repair it. We offer a professional repair service for driveways, paths and patios.

Loose or moving paving may need to be re-bedded. But it is more important to rectify the cause of the movement. Simply packing mortar into a joint and hoping that this will stop the rocking or wobble is a waste of time. Like sticking a plaster on a severed artery, it will only ever get worse.

Settlement and/or subsidence of the substrate layers i.e. sub-grade, sub-base and bedding layer is the most common reason for Block Paving failure. May be a result of:-

  • wrong type base material or insufficient base material.
  • incomplete compaction of the substrate layers during construction.
  • liquefaction of the bedding layer by water ingress.
  • failure of restraining edges.
  • loss of jointing material.
  • loads greater than the driveway or patio was designed to carry.

Whatever the cause, it needs to be investigated and rectified before replacing or re-bedding the paving blocks.

We will take up as much of the pavement area as is required. Stacking the blocks close by for re-use. We will then brush off any jointing sand adhering to the edges of the blocks. The exposed bedding layer can be rectified and a screed laid. Ready for replacing the paving units.

Replace the blocks as required once the bedding is prepared. Supplementing with square or replacement blocks. Reseal with dry jointing sand or mortar joints. The area of repair will need to be re-consolidated. Preferably with a vibrating plate compactor. This will make it look like new.

Testimonial from one of our customers.

“Colin and his team recently completed some work for us. They removed the old tarmac from the driveway and replaced it with beautiful block paving. Prior to the start of the work, Colin came to give us an estimate and discuss our requirements. He gave us additional helpful advice about what would be best for the particular area. During the period of work, all the team tried hard to minimize disruption and mess. Everyone was helpful, polite and friendly giving truly good service. We would thoroughly recommend this company”. M. Hodges, Southminster.

Woodland Paving for the best in Driveway and Patio Repair in Essex.

Areas we cover in Essex:-

Ardleigh Green, Brentwood, Cranham, Elm Park, Emerson Park, Gidea Park, Harold Wood, Hornchurch, Hutton, Romford and Upminster.

repair to driveway, patio etc.